Founded in 2000 as a part of a large US hedge fund, Lime’s focus is providing smarter, faster, and safer solutions to real-time performance challenges as well as maintaining reliability. Our technology offers market access to the US equity and options markets and several dark pools via an end-to-end algorithmic trading solution. Moreover, Lime has a unique position in the industry, filling a vacuum between the bulge bracket firms and retail.

In a world of increasingly complex and rapidly evolving electronic markets, you need a partner who can identify and build advanced technology, software, and access to pools of liquidity. We rely on industry expertise to engineer our execution solutions, and we believe the stability of our offering has been crucial to our performance over the last two decades.

In December of 2020, Score Priority purchased Lime as part of its further expansion into the brokerage area. As a division of Score Priority, Lime Execution is committed to providing customers with advanced, performance-engineered trading solutions for some of the most complex trading strategies. The Lime technology and trading platform allow customers to access an independent, agency-only system to trade quickly, reliably, and anonymously on multiple exchanges and trading venues.

Our clients include professional systematic traders, hedge funds, asset managers and broker-dealers. If you are a systematic trader with low latency requirements, Lime Execution may have a solution for you.

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As an agency broker who pioneered DMA access for electronic trading, Lime technology empowers our clients to trade efficiently and anonymously across all major lit and dark venues using our proven trading DMA gateway which is deterministic enough to accommodate message throughput rates of the highest levels.



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