Switch to a brokerage firm that works for you

Stop losing money with bad fills from your current brokerage firms. We can offer you the same low latency infrastructure that our high-volume trading firm clients use.

Your strategy was right, but your brokerage firm was wrong. Have you ever missed an opportunity due to slow execution?

If you have trading experience, you know better than to accept lagging technology, missed liquidity-taking opportunities, or hands-off customer support. Serious traders need a brokerage firm that supports their low latency trading needs, offering customer service when they need it.

When you have the same tools as our hedge fund and financial institution clients, it’s your strategy against theirs.



Lime offers an institutional-grade low latency infrastructure, available for active traders to leverage.


Direct market access lets customers maximize how and where their orders execute.


Our help desk provides customer service with a human touch.


Stop wasting time with retail firms who can’t process your trades fast enough. Active traders looking for a faster fill can get their orders to the marketplace using Lime’s technology. We offer secure hosting and co-location services at all major U.S. trading venues, potentially reducing latency and enhancing liquidity.

Lime was founded in 2000 as part of a large US hedge fund to route orders quickly and reliably. Today, you can level the playing field by using the same technology used by our hedge fund and financial institution clients.


“Free commissions” aren’t free. Other brokerage firms may make money by selling your order flow and pocketing your rebates.

We don’t trade in-house and are market-agnostic, meaning we focus on best execution for you. Lime offers transparent pricing and allows you to direct your order flow as you wish.

Lime Execution allows you to send orders directly to the exchange, giving you control of your orders. You keep the rebates, not us.


Even worse than a slow trading platform that lets you down at critical moments is having to troubleshoot that platform on your own. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to a human? Make the switch to a brokerage firm with human customer support.

Lime’s white glove service guides you through our platform and services. Our customer support team offers phone, live chat, and email support.

Yes, I want a consultation with a Low Latency Trading Technology professional!

Stop settling for a Brokerage Firm that doesn’t work for you.